Supporting diverse talents

We deliver training, coaching and mentoring services to individuals and organisations, supporting neurodiverse employees and entrepreneurs.

At True Measure we work with people living with a hidden disability, long term health condition or those who are neurodiverse, and we support organisations wanting to raise awareness of neurodiversity and other hidden disabilities. 

Our founder, Leonore Lord-Patterson is an expert in coaching people with a hidden disability during their studies, in running their business and during employment as well as training and consulting organisations who employ them.

Leonore is quite simply awesome. She has helped me transform my business vision into a reality and continues to offer advice and direction. I learnt so much working with her, a her calm and supportive approach helped me to build the confidence I needed to build my business.

Cherrill Hutchinson, Founder of The Black Woman's Kindness Initiative



We offer consultancy in the form of policy advice, supporting organisations in reviewing and developing policies regarding neurodiversity. We also support managers to deal with demanding situations.


Each coaching programme is bespoke and helps individuals develop a range of practical strategies. Common topics include managing stress, verbal communication and the use of assistive technologies.


We provide workshops and training for organisations looking to understand more about the strength of people who may be neurodiverse or living with a
long-term health condition (LTC).