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Current rankings and information from The Legal 500 United Kingdom 2022. fivehundred magazine is a monthly magazine published by The Legal 500 team. Ten times a year, our team of experienced writers and researchers, along with a variety of renowned experts, will address global issues affecting the legal profession and offer advice on best practices in management, marketing, business development and recruitment. The UK Legal 500 Solicitors Guide 2023 will be published in autumn 2022. We make relatively few changes to the practices we evaluate, but all additions and reductions are highlighted in red below. The biggest change in approach is that this year we are allowing ABS-structured legal service providers (including those not regulated by SRA) to submit to rankings where appropriate. Please note that in the UK Guide, the intention is not to create a separate ranking of ABS companies, but to allow companies competing with traditional law firms for specific services to submit applications for specific areas of activity. The goal of The Legal 500 is to help in-house lawyers and legal teams find the right advisors through our firm rankings and editorials, which are available for free on this website. Our rankings are based on feedback from 300,000 internal colleagues and our access to law firms and confidential matters, which are independently evaluated by our researchers. We are now accepting submissions for our 2022 UK Litigation Finance Ranking. For more information on how to make the most of your firm`s presence in The Legal 500, please contact: The Legal 500 is part of a traditional private company whose mission is to provide the best information and data to the international legal community. Welcome to the homepage of The Legal 500 United Kingdom – the UK`s leading guide for law firms and lawyers.

More than six million users visit The Legal 500 website each year and this guide provides legal service providers with reliable and up-to-date information about businesses operating in the UK`s dynamic legal market. Georgina Stanley Editor-in-Chief, The Legal 500 UK Solicitors UK outside London Deadline: 11 February 2022 London and PATMA Deadline: 31. March 2022 As a UK publisher, I would appreciate your feedback and ideas on how we can bring rankings to life throughout the year and ensure they reflect an evolving UK legal market. where variety, value for money and the ability to make informed decisions are more important than ever. Find out how to submit your firm`s submissions for inclusion in The Legal 500: Our goal is not short-term profit, but long-term professional excellence. D. Law is an independent law firm based in Luxembourg. The young and dynamic focus is on mergers and acquisitions, banking, financial and investment funds as well as transaction and advisory activities.

D. Law was initially founded with seven lawyers. Since then, it has grown steadily and now employs 31 lawyers (of various nationalities) with reasonable expectations to reach the size of around 50 lawyers over the next two years. The plaintiff and the defendant for insurance negligence are merged. In London, we will add two new practice areas: Private Prosecution, which will be based in London Crime, Fraud & Licensing; and the costs of lawyers who will sit in dispute resolution. We won`t be making any significant changes to our regional coverage this year, but we will consider how best to reflect the greater flexibility lawyers now have to work remotely in multiple offices in future guides. Welcome to The Legal 500 London homepage. These rankings reflect a detailed analysis of law firm submissions and thousands of interviews with CCs and lawyers conducted by our team of experienced researchers in accordance with our guidelines. Welcome to The Legal 500 UK Bar editorial, which highlights the UK`s most impressive lawyers and firms.

The repertoire is broken down by location (London and the six regional circuits of England, Wales and Scotland) and then by practice area. Our goal is to penetrate the market in every way possible by organizing regular meetings throughout the country to make an accurate analysis of the Bar Association. The latest edition of The Legal 500 UK features expanded editorials, new rankings and more on the quality of each set`s paperwork and service. This year, in a new addition to the London Guide, we introduced a “Companies to Watch” section, highlighting the best emerging companies operating in a variety of business areas. This is intended to shed light on those who are likely to dominate our rankings in the coming years, and will be extended to the rest of the UK leader from next year. Download the app for free from the iTunes Store (Android app coming soon!) For three regions – the North West, South West and Yorkshire and the Humber – crime, fraud and general crime are now grouped under the heading of general crime and fraud.