Whatsapp Business for Private Use

The WhatsApp Business API provides access to the full range of WhatsApp marketing tools and is aimed at medium and large businesses. Sendinblue offers a WhatsApp campaign feature. Create a business profile with useful information for your customers, such as address, company description, email address, and website. Business accounts help brands retain users. A company profile gives the company a familiar “face” and identity. To have a “Verified” badge next to your business name, WhatsApp must confirm that it is a verified business account. Kasriel, who joined the company in November 2021, has extensive experience as CEO of Upwork and previously at PayPal. He wrote on Twitter: “I look forward to the future ahead and the role Novi will play in enabling individuals and businesses to transfer money more and cheaper, and innovate in the metaverse for creators and consumers.” Messaging tools: WhatsApp Business offers messaging tools such as “quick replies” that provide quick answers to frequently asked questions, “welcome messages” that introduce customers to your business, and “out of office messages” that let them know you`re busy. These are like the automatic answer to frequently asked questions with a few chatbots as we saw in Facebook Messenger. Reporting: There will also be “messaging statistics” that will allow the company to “see what`s working.” Not many details around these. Then, you can add a photo, working hours, website, and physical address to your profile to showcase your business.

Another cool feature is the ability to create a product catalog in the WhatsApp Business app to showcase your products. It can include images, prices, and even links to your website. The catalog can also be shared as a dedicated link. Chats from a business account will be marked as such. Once the message is received in WhatsApp Business, it is subject to the privacy policy followed by the Company. To give customers control over their communications, WhatsApp displays a message informing them that their conversations are being made with a WhatsApp Business account. After reading this message, users can continue the conversation or block/remove the number from their contact list. However, it is important to choose the right type of WhatsApp account for the size and needs of your business. Let`s go over the three options so you can see for yourself which one is best for you. In short, the main difference between WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business is that the former is exclusively for personal communication, while the latter provides you with marketing tools.

WhatsApp Business is a free option for local small businesses that are simply looking for a way to answer questions and take orders via chat. Yes, you can migrate your personal WhatsApp account to a work account. The process is fast, easy and reliable. When you install WhatsApp Business, you have the option to use the same number (WhatsApp automatically detects the number used in your personal account) or a different number. If you dial the same number, your personal WhatsApp account will be converted to a business account. A second number allows you to share your number freely with business partners and customers without having to worry about your privacy. In addition, knowing that the calls and texts that arrive at this number are work-related, you can separate your work and personal life. Setting up a business profile is an important thing you can do on WhatsApp Business.

Even if you don`t have a company and work for an organization, creating a company profile your way can be helpful for your colleagues and others to get you easily. For example, if you work in the sales profile, you can set up a business profile that contains specific information about the type of business your company offers, as well as your own email ID and additional information associated with your organization and you as an individual. First of all, it is important to note that voice or video calls are not possible via the API. Plus, you can showcase your brand in a business profile, just like with the WhatsApp Business app. Overall, the API is an email alternative (or additional channel) to email marketing. Short links and QR codes. These open a live chat with your business account. They can be shared through your channels to contact you quickly.

WhatsApp Business also allows you to use auto-reply to connect with customers. These may be requests related to the order or delivery. This is the kind of automation that can help small businesses. You can also share multimedia content such as documents, images, text, and videos with your clients. The official business app has several features that regular personal WhatsApp doesn`t have: WhatsApp Business provides basic communication tools for micro and small businesses. So, if you have two mobile numbers, one for personal use and one for work, you should use WhatsApp Business as the default WhatsApp for your work instead of using apps that allow you to clone one app to use different accounts. You will certainly enjoy the benefits. That`s why today I`m going to talk about how WhatsApp Business can be useful in your work, even if you don`t have your own business.

In October 2021, WhatsApp added Collections to make shopping even easier. They serve as folders to group items into a work account. Users can instantly access the category they are looking for without scrolling through the entire list of products. In today`s world of instant gratification, it seems like sending an email and waiting for a response is now like that in 2017. We want to communicate with companies as well as with our friends – via instant messaging, where we get answers. Well. Right away. WhatsApp Business allows brands to create a business profile and build trust. Companies can share their contact information and working hours. Companies have the advantage of presenting their catalog and responding to customers with quick replies, out-of-office messages, and greetings to improve customer service.

These features are not available in the normal WhatsApp app. No, you cannot use the same phone number for personal and business WhatsApp. If you create a business account with the same phone number, your personal account will be converted to a WhatsApp Business account. WhatsApp has officially launched WhatsApp Business, a standalone app for small businesses. Currently only on Android, the new app “will make it easier for businesses to connect with customers and make it easier to chat with businesses they care about.” Corporate accounts are clearly listed as such. WhatsApp says businesses that have confirmed over time that their account phone number matches their business will receive a verification badge on their profile. It`s similar to WhatsApp, which added green verification badges to select business accounts in the default app last year. WhatsApp says other users can continue to use the default app as usual and still have full control over the messages they receive, such as blocking numbers and spam messages. You can`t just log into WhatsApp and use the API features. You will need to apply for an account through a WhatsApp partner and provide information about your business to verify. When customers call, they only see the second phone number you use for business. You will never see or have access to your personal number linked to your private WhatsApp account.

The power of WhatsApp, which receives more than 55 billion messages a day, is now within the reach of small businesses.